Nutridiet is soy-based weight reduction and meal replacement product. Since its launch in 1989, it has been the number 1 weight loss brand in Norway, Finland and Sweden. A total of 1,7 mill people tried Nutridiet in Sweden alone during 2009.


Nutridiet comes in two main categories:

1.  Quick Weight loss, Very low calorie diet (VLCD)
Nutridiet quick weight loss, is complete diet with all essential nutrients that the body needs (fat, proteins, vitamins and minerals). Nutridiet quick weight loss comes in a powder form and is mixed with water to form a shake.

2. Weight management (Hunger Control/EatWell)
Nutridiet weight management are ready to drink smoothness as well as bars. They also holds all the nutrition’s that the body need, and makes the weight loss easy.

Proven Effect:
Nutridiet is unique and considered the best-documented low calorie product for weight reduction in the world. Since 1989, 22 clinical studies of Nutridiet VLCD have been published, where the effect of Nutridiet is proven and documented. Many of the studies were carried out at the university hospitals in the Nordic countries, such as Karolinska in Stockholm, Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen and Ullevål in Oslo.

The results from several of these studies have been published in recognized medical journals. All participants have been overweight or obese, but these studies have also included patients with other conditions such as:

  • Diabetes mellitus type ll
  • Reumatoid arthritis
  • Eating disorders
  • Polycystic ovarial syndrome
  • Asthma

Many of the studies have also shown that risk factors for heart disease, such as blood pressure and cholesterol, decrease when on a VLCD diet with Nutridiet.

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